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To enjoy 'travelling', the quality of the event is important. It is not only where to travel to, but also how to arrive there
and what you are doing enroute.

Agrarian Tours In The Netherlands

The Netherlands (Holland) has rich cultural and agricultural traditions. It is important to learn something about them.
AGRARIAN TOURS is a company, which staff has a fourty years experience in agricultural studytours, inbound as well
as outbound. Both qualities provide the possibility to combine a visit to The Netherlands with visits to other European

AGRARIAN TOURS is a specialist in organizing and guiding group tours tailored to suit farmers and market gardeners.
Tours for the board of agricultural ogranizations, cooperatives, studyclubs etc. are also arranged. AGRARIAN TOURS is
throroughly familiar with the requirements and possibilities of agrarians as a result of many years contacts with agri-
cultural enterprises, research and experimental stations, agricultural industries, farmers unions and advisory services,
following accurately new agricultural developments in The Netherlands.

AGRARIAN TOURS organizes higly technical and educational (tourist) tours in The Netherlands. The relative short
distances in The Netherlands allow several agricultural sectors to be visited within a short period of time:

  • - cattle breeding, dairy (milk robot - automatic milking system)
  • - intensive animal production
  • - horticultural: flowers, fruit, vegetables
  • - precision arable farming.

Technical visits can be alternated with visits to attractive cities and cultural/tourist curiosities in the picturesque Dutch
countryside. AGRARIAN TOURS invents, together with you, an interesting programme; taking into consideration your
available budget and your available time. With a quiet heart you can leave everthing to AGRARIAN TOURS: transport,
nights, meals, excursions, technical visits and tour guiding. For information please do not hesitate to contact
Louise Deumer, director.

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